"We'll get by with a little help from our friends."

Launched in early 2020 and updated daily, COVID-19 Evidence Alerts is a freely accessible platform presenting the latest clinical research on COVID-19 that is critically appraised for scientific merit and relevance to support decision-makers at all levels.

To create and deliver COVID-19 EA without external funding has been a pleasure and honor for the faculty and staff of the Health Information Research Unit at McMaster University, a publicly funded, not-for-profit institution.

When we started COVID-19 EA, we worked overtime to meet the request by front-line workers to help face the urgent need for identifying actionable clinical evidence from COVID research. We all hoped this battle would last for only a year, but as we all know, COVID is continuing its devastation.

In addition, we are now facing the "infodemic" of literature on COVID. Last year, four per cent of the world's research was devoted to the Coronavirus, culminating in almost 200,000 published articles. A remarkable feat, yes, and more importantly, it produces good evidence (YES!!!) but the reality is, we also saw a dramatic spike in controversial or misleading research. And a lot more reading for us too!!

We believe having COVID-19 EA dig out the high-quality evidence for your attention is still a must-do mission and a useful service.

We would like to continue our alerting service for COVID evidence that we've critically appraised for quality and clinical relevance. Would you be able to provide support? Your generosity today will benefit the patients tomorrow. Even $5 would help.

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